Know When to Apologize

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Sometimes the older we get, the more childish we become. We throw adult temper tantrums, post subliminal social media messages, whine about problems we caused, bicker over trivial matters etc. – it’s ridiculous. If you have kids or little cousins or God children, ask yourself, “Are you that different from them in how you resolve issues, confrontation, disappointment, inconvenience?” If you answered, “No,” at least you’re being honest with yourself.

When a child is wrong, typically they’ll cry and then mumble an apology through sniffles and snot filled noses – you forgive them and move on. Of course, there’s an undeniable innocence that a child possesses that adults do not but, children do know when to apologize, do you? Forgiveness is on the other side of the apology but to get to it, you’d have to apologize first. Are you willing to say, “Sorry” when you’re clearly in the wrong? Most of you are going to automatically answer, “Yes, of course I can.” Okay, great, now give me an example of when you’ve done it.

Most of you would rather let the argument fester than admit your wrong doing. Let’s apply this to relationships, for simplicities sake. I’m going to talk to my fellow women because we need to hear this. Just like the customer isn’t always right, the woman isn’t always right either. Let me holler at y’all. 

Whoever you’re dating isn’t dating you because you’re actually perfect but because you’re perfect for them, even your imperfections are flawless to them – that’s beautiful but, you can’t see that over your ego. 

Ego gets in the way of apologies. If you push your ego and pride to the side, you’d have a natural, innate ability to apologize when you’re wrong, when you hurt someone’s feelings, when you took something too far, when you offended a person, when you overreacted. Overreaction is the easiest deterrent to any apology. 

One more time for those in the back.

Overreaction is the easiest deterrent to any apology.

When you’ve overreacted and made a fool of yourself, you don’t want to pipe down and apologize, that’s the child in you – GROW UP! Sometimes you overreact, apologize and make it a good night. Your inability to apologize of your own recognizance essentially makes you undatable. At some point, during your relationship, you’re going to be wrong and you need to be grown enough to admit that.

Furthermore, apologizing isn’t just a word, it’s an action as well.

DO something to help your significant other forgive you, buy their favorite candy bar, smother them with affection, cater to their needs for an entire day or longer etc. Don’t be above the apology, meet it on an even playing field. Women in particular, love to hear their significant other apologize for their wrongdoings but they tend to struggle with reciprocating the same energy when the tables are turned. Of course, I am not speaking for ALL women, so don’t chew me out here. However, I have noticed through having female friends and more importantly, having a ton of guy friends, that women are one of the most irrational beings on the planet when they haven’t fully submersed themselves in adult-like behavior. Yeah, I said it, someone had to. 

Men, you’re not off the hook, you need to learn how to apologize as well, if you haven’t already. Relationships are built off accountability but that’s another article, one I’ll write soon. Until then I hope this one was helpful, now say it with me, “I’m sorry.”

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