Dear 2021…

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Okay, it’s 2021! What are your plans? What are your goals like? How’s your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being? How are your relationships, personal and otherwise? How’s your network, is it strong, could it use more effort? How are you?

The start of a new year tends to give off this infinite aura of Superman like capabilities that hop in bed with limitless possibilities and do the nasty with dreams turned into realities. Do you feel limitless? Are you excited? 2020 was like a year from hell ,for some people, could this be the sequel? That’s up to you. 2020 was a great year for me because I made it one. You are in control. Don’t relinquish that control. We’ve got 365 days to kick a** or will you get your a** kicked? The choice is yours. 

I want you to complete an exercise. I want you to write a letter to 2021. Tell it everything you want to get out of it, everything you plan to achieve, every anticipated victory – everything. There’s no right or wrong way to write this letter. Read mine below and then write your own.  

Dear 2021,

Your little sister, 2020, was a mofo and I’m expecting better from you. I’m claiming new money, new beneficial relationships, new growth and new heights. You don’t get to push me around. This is my year. It’s my year to learn new skills, to better myself professionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally, to test the limits of my body, to travel and to dream while I’m awake. You got that? 

Excuses will not be apart of my mentality this year.  I will be adventurous, a risk taker, a new-reality chaser. I want you to know that you are the beginning of something awesome. I won’t let you destroy me. I won’t look back on you and say, “Damn, I could’ve done so much better.” I’m going to look back on you and thank you for everything you’ve done. There will be a medley of good, bad and ugly but this year I will be more resilient than I’ve ever been. You don’t run me, I do. I have faith that you won’t try to get in the way of my success but just know that if you do try, I will fight back with everything I’ve got. I’m owning my time this year, it doesn’t own me. I would say wish me luck, but I don’t need luck – I got God.

Best regards,

Miss Ikonic

Now go write your letter and feel free to send it to me once you’re done –



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