Stop Saying, “I “do” music!”

  For those who would rather listen than read, I’ve got you covered. Listen to my latest article by clicking above!

I’ve been a music blogger and a songwriter for a couple of years now. I’ve dabbled in the music industry, networked etc. One of my biggest introductory pet peeves is when you ask a musician, artist, singer, rapper etc. what they do and they respond, “I do music.” When you meet a producer, does he or she say, “I do producing?” When you meet a lawyer, do they say, “I do law?” When you meet a police officer, do they say, “I do policing?” Saying you “do” music makes it sound like a hobby instead of a passion or a career.

If you just sing or rap in your spare time, I suppose saying you “do” music is okay. However, if you plan on making music your wifey instead of your side-piece, introduce her as such, put some class on it. I’ve been to several networking events over the years and recently on some music industry Clubhouse chats where musicians keep saying, “Hey my name is such-and-such and I do music. Follow me. Listen to my music on Spotify, Tidal etc.” To be a musician, means that you are a walking brand, represent yourself well. Speak well. Invest in brand development and of course invest in quality music. Saying that you do it all, mix, master, produce, write etc. is not always a compliment, sometimes it’s a cry for help if the music isn’t quality. Having more than one ear on your music during its creation process can inevitably lead to a more quality sound. 

Sorry, I got a bit off track. Moving on. Network, but do so professionally and please don’t let the first three words out of your mouth be, “I do music.” Think of your favorite music idols. For me, one of my favorite music idols is JAY-Z, he doesn’t “do” music he “is” music – okay! Being an artists these days is much bigger than the music alone, it’s the whole package. Be the whole package, represent yourself well and be a sponge to the game. 

Now say it with me, “My name is ____ and I am a musician.”

You’re welcome. 

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