Don’t Be the ‘Convenient’ Option

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“Stop letting people in at their convenience and at your emotional expense.” – We’re Not Really Strangers

One more time for those in the back.

Stop letting people in at their convenience and at your emotional expense.

It’s another Tweet inspired article – Twitter speaks to my soul! Are you the convenient option? Do you let people pick you up and drop you at their convenience but out of your love for that person? Be honest with yourself. If so, why? Your self-worth is in-part determined by how you let others treat you. Your emotional health is not something to be overlooked and tossed to the side. If you’re a mess emotionally it will be hard to control any other aspects of your life. The people you allow into your life were handpicked by you, well, there’s the family aspect but if someone in your family is destroying your emotional balance you need to free yourself from them for a while and don’t feel bad about it either. 

Good people usually allow bad things to happen to them. What do you mean Miss Ikonic? How can that be? Most people that are good people, want good in return, however, in most cases their good nature isn’t returned to them and they wonder why? In my opinion, it’s because their tolerance level is too high for bulls***.

Elaborate, Miss Ikonic, elaborate. When you have a high tolerance for what can essentially be referred to as “disrespect” it takes more than one disrespectful moment for you to react – it takes about 22 of them before you’re fully fed up but the person that’s being disrespectful is unaware of any such limit. Without creating respect-limits and personal boundaries you’re a free-for-all, for a lack of a better term. People feel like they can come in and out of your life at their convenience regardless of rather or not it’s a suitable time for you. You’re not a pet, you’re a person. Don’t let people play with you when they feel like it especially when it negatively effects your emotional well-being. 

It’s a new year, declutter your relationships.

One more time for those in the back.

It’s a new year, declutter your relationships. 

If there are people in your life that make you feel less than and leave you emotional unbalanced – cut the cord. You deserve healthy, fulfilling, empowering and stimulating relationships, personal and otherwise.

You are not meant to be a convenient option – upgrade your circle.

You got this!

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