“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

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In seeking perfection you will find the ultimate imperfection.

What difficult times we subsist in. Some of us actually believe that perfection is attainable – I disagree. You can get really close to perfect, based on your own definition of the noun. Getting close matters but in seeking perfection alone you destroy the very thing that makes us human – our mistakes, our flaws. Mistakes become colossal matters instead of a mere lesson drenched in what appears like defeat. Your mistakes are not the only things that define you but, they do play a vital role.

For example, if you keep making the same mistake, not only are you missing the lesson but you enjoy whatever strife comes with that mistake. Who enjoys strife? People that are damaged from an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual standpoint. You can become accustomed to damage in so much so that the actions that lead to destruction and self-defilement no longer affect you. Don’t get comfortable with your scars. 

One more time for those in the back.

Don’t get comfortable with your scars.

Scars are a reminder of what you’ve overcome not the continuance there of; remember a scar is still technically healed. Are you healed? Does perfection seem like the ultimate Neosporin? Does perfection appear like the biggest middle finger you can gift all your haters and naysayers and third grade teachers that said you would amount to nothing? 

Perfection doesn’t leave room for fault or error and that my friends is humanity. 

People write entire books based off of flaws and errors. People preach about the power of imperfection. Yet, maybe you want to be the exception to the rule – go ahead, try but you won’t succeed. The greatest lessons in life are learned post-mistakes. What may appear like the biggest mistake of your life is really your best blessing cloaked in a problem or series of problems that you must solve or overcome. In finding the solution, you are not only canceling the problem but addressing it head on, no side maneuvers or phoning a friend for help. 

You will never be perfect and some people may read that statement as negative but it’s not  – it’s honest. Don’t seek perfection, seek absolution. 

One more time for those in the back.

Don’t seek perfection, seek absolution. 

Free yourself from guilt and decades old pain. Abandon this ideology of perfection being attainable and just strive to be the best version of you – it will look different for everyone so don’t look at your neighbor; look straight ahead.

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