How Well Do You Listen?

Do you listen to learn and comprehend or do you listen to respond?

Be honest. Most of us listen with responding ammunition. We’re ready to fire back without listening to what was just said. You’re a poor listener, which means you can’t learn while you’re submersed in the noise of your own thoughts and opinions. Some of the greatest leaders, entrepreneurs, socialites, investors, preachers etc. are phenomenal listeners. Can you fight through the hubbub of your own notions and beliefs to hear what’s being said to you?

About a week ago Bishop T.D. Jakes released a sermon entitled Shift Strategies. If you’ve got time today, please watch this sermon in it’s entirety. It’s not solely about listening, it’s about preparing for the shift that God is going to make in your life. It’s about direction, correction and instruction, but what stood out the most to me is the various parts of his sermon that relate to the imperative nature of being a good listener. Take what you must from this sermon, listen intentionally, take notes and enjoy!

God bless. 

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