Date “As is..” Not “As Anticipated..”

For those who would rather listen than read, I’ve got you covered. Listen to my latest article by clicking above!

Don’t date for potential. 

Date a person for who they are when you meet them, for where there are at in life when you meet them. Date them for their current circumstances not their anticipated ones. Everyone loves stating, “I see your potential,” and that’s great but, you can’t take ‘potential’ to the bank and cash it in. It’s like investing in a stock that you expect to double in profit but you can’t take out $100.00 from your $50.00 investment because you believe that it will double in price.

What you believe and what you actually see are two totally different entities – accept that. Stop living in a fantasy land of potentials and could-be’s. Look at what is! Now, this doesn’t mean that a person must come to you completely buttoned up with it all figured out – that’s not realistic. However, dating is about mutual interests, shared likes and dislikes, an obvious attraction to one another but, dating isn’t about a strong investment. This is about the dating faze not the relationship faze. Do not date a person because you believe in them, that’s not the way to go. Why? Because what you believe and what may actually transpire are typically very different. You’ll be disappointed and as we know, disappointment is the child of unmet expectations. 

He or she may have the potential to be an entrepreneur, for example, but, right now they make a little over minimum wage, smoke weed for sport, sell a little weed on the side and spend money on lavish, unnecessary items. Right now, they are not on the road to business ownership. Okay, so you come along and think you can change that because you see all the potential in them – wrong. You can’t make anybody do something that they don’t truly want to do. Let me state this one more time, the dating faze is not for investments.

Do not invest your time and resources into people you are dating. 

Slow up, look at what lies in front of you not what you imagine and act accordingly. 

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