Lola Brooke Releases the Official Visual to New Single “Back to Business”

Brooklyn native emcee, Lola Brooke, last featured for her impeccable Bars on I-95 freestyle, returns with the follow up to her single “2021 Flow.”“Back to Business” gifts us that favored gritty, hard-hitting delivery from Lola as she spits some fiery bars laced in lyrical warnings and hood grandeur.

We miss this stouthearted hunger and passion in modern day artists because we subsist in a generation where everyone is focused on being “cool” rather than including substance and narrative in their music, rather than perfecting their lyricism, studying their craft. In this latest release Brooke expertly rides the Reefa production and flawlessly switches her flow.

She seems to emanate an aura of 90’s Brooklyn battle-rap street corner vibes – we need this raw, nonconformist mentality and execution in rap.

Thanks Lola.

Listen to more music from Lola Brooke and follow her on Instagram below.

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