Cardi B Releases New Single “UP” + the Official Visual

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” topped charts and became a certified anthem. The pressure of a follow up single probably drove Bardi crazy but, she’s given us yet another banger – making the wait completely worth it. She went live on YouTube to countdown the video’s release and discussed the inspiration for the video.

Cardi states, “I wanted a more hood song…I feel like my last song was too sexy… I wanted to do something more gangster, more cocky… I gotta pop my s***. 

For the visual she flew out a videographer from the Ukraine and she delivered yet another stellar and unapologetically creative release. This visual is a sexy, spicy, erotic, high energy offering – we’d expect nothing less. “Up” is an inevitable club banger imbued with head-bobbing, twerk-something production, conspicuous sex appeal, confidence and witty bars from Cardi.

The visual has already surpassed over 250,000 views in its first 10 minutes. 

We’ve waited patiently and she’s delivered; indulge below.  

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