Stop Normalizing Toxic Relationships

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It’s not cute that your relationship is toxic. You shouldn’t even want a relationship that resembles anything toxic.

Essentially you’re saying that this person is poison to you and you love every venomous moment you two have together. Stop co-signing unhealthy habits and unhealthy relationships.

You should be saying: We’re business owners, we’re home owners, we’re investors, we’re lovers – not we’re toxic but, I can’t leave him or her alone. On the other side of a toxic rainbow is more toxicity. 

Okay, for those way in the back – what is a toxic relationship? 

A toxic relationship is one that involves emotional, mental, spiritual and physical disruption, cheating, disrespect, dishonesty and disloyalty. It’s like a merry-go-round of epic unfortunate proportions. You stay in these toxic relationships because you’ve normalized the behavior, you don’t want to start over, you don’t want to go through the hassle of learning a new person and you like the dysfunction – you think it gifts your relationship character, song lyrics if you will but in reality, it gifts your relationship anchors. You are rooting yourself to something designed to unroot your very being.

One more time for those in the back.

You are rooting yourself to something designed to unroot your very being.

You are going to have to come undone, take a look inside and pick up the pieces of you that don’t include that toxic person. You can’t just say “We’re toxic,” as if there’s no other option. What do you have against healthy relationships? Have you ever seen one up close ?

Pause. Think about that. 

You probably haven’t and that is the problem, you lack the blueprint. However, when you find a person that has your best interest at heart – together you two make the blueprint, everyone’s will look different. Don’t look at the Gucci and Keyshia blueprint. Don’t look at the Bey and Jay blueprint. Build your own love and be open to the errors along the way. But, if you’re currently in a toxic relationship, as described above, love yourself enough to leave. 

As Judge Faith says, “You’re not starting over from scratch, you’re starting over from experience.”

Say it with me, “I am not toxic. I don’t welcome, nor will I endure a toxic relationship. I deserve a healthy, loving, selfless, fulfilling, God-sent kind of love and I will accept nothing less.”

You got this!

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