Stop Explaining Yourself to People

For those who would rather listen than read, I’ve got you covered. Listen to my latest article by clicking above!

When you fix your mouth to tell someone why you did something , or why this or why that – stop – and ask yourself, “Why do they need to know?” We subsist in such invasive times. People probe and follow the lives of others so closely that they feel as if explanations are owed to them. If you make a decision, all on your own, you don’t have to justify that decision to anyone, for any reason. 

Don’t allow people to feel entitled to an explanation about your choices. 

This is your life, do with it what you will and those who like it, great and those who don’t, tell them to kick rocks. Are you living for the satisfaction of others or for self? We exist in one of the most entitled generations of all time. We feel entitled to personal, political, emotional, financial and spiritual information. We feel like when a celebrity makes, what we may perceive as a bad choice, that they have to explain to us why they did it. Family members want explanations for decisions we’ve made that have nothing to do with them. I don’t owe you a “why.” 

Repeat it one more time out loud, “I don’t owe you a “why.”

Stop explaining yourself to people. You’re grown and fully capable of making sound decisions and fully capable of making poor decisions but, you live with it either way. Nobody lives this life with you but you. If you spend a bulk of it explaining your choices and second guessing your decisions and behaviors, you’ll be miserable, inevitably. Do caskets come with bunk beds? No, so stop forcing your decisions to come with one layer of self-approval and a second layer of third party explanations.

You don’t have to be callous or impertinent with people but, you need to make it clear that this is your life. You’re done explaining yourself to others. You’re done seeking approval. Live freely.

You got this!

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