Closure is a scam.

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College is a scam. (I’m a college graduate and I still believe that as fact.) A person that tells you they can turn your $500.00 into $5000.00 is a scam as well. Typically, we know a scam when we see one but, how many of you knew that “closure” was a scam? Okay, I bet you’re wondering, how can that be? Let’s put this in the perspective of relationships, for simplicities sake. 

Let’s say you just got out of a relationship but, you didn’t want it to end. You say, “If I just get some closure, I’ll be able to move on.” If your previous significant other bluntly confesses why they no longer want you, when you still want them – why do you think that will bring you closure? It’s because the question mark of “why” it ended will be removed but, will that help you “close” the door? No. If you didn’t want the relationship to end and you believe it can be salvaged, knowing that, that person wants nothing to do with you won’t bring you closure but, in time it will gift you acceptance. 

Acceptance and closure are not one in the same because one rests in accepting the truth while the other manifests itself into your subconscious as a need when it’s really a want. You want closure but, what you need is acceptance. Accept what happened. Accept that you can’t get your time back. Accept that they will move on and so will you. Accept that it’s over. Accept that the door is closed

If you keep looking for “closure,” you’ll find yourself in a whirlwind of memories, good and bad and you’ll attempt to piece together exactly what happened. Where did it go wrong? We always think that we’ve picked the right “one.” But, truth is, there are many. There is no perfect “one,” there are myriad people that you could find yourself attracted to, yoked to. However, when it ends, if it does, don’t go searching for closure, seek acceptance. Acceptance will push you forward.

You got this!

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