Learn Something New Every Month!

For those who would rather listen than read, I’ve got you covered. Listen to my latest article by clicking above!

I have an abundant mind. I take in knowledge daily, monthly and yearly. I gauge my learning by my monthly knowledge. Every month, I pick something new to learn about, rather that’s the stock market or binary options or Facebook advertising or social media growth hacks etc. Our minds have infinite levels and compartments to store information. 

You don’t know what you don’t know and in this era, not knowing or understanding something is a choice

A simple Google or YouTube search can answer almost any question. I tailor my monthly learning to cater to my interests and my businesses. For example, this month I’m delving deeper into understanding Facebook advertising and I’m taking a Facebook ad’s course on Udemy.com. I run an online store, KulturallyAppropriate.com, thus 89% of my traffic comes from online sources and the rest is word of mouth and people wearing my garments. Understanding the power of Facebook advertising is essential to the growth and continuance of my brand.

I am going to encourage you to pick something new to learn every single month. Places like Udemy, YouTube and Clubhouse are great places to start, furthermore, of course it never hurts to pick up a book as well. 

Your goals for March are to learn something new and to read a new book. Everyday is a chance to learn something new but, if you give it 30 days you can learn it and begin to master it.

Good luck, you got this!

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One thought on “Learn Something New Every Month!

  1. I’m thinking about starting a proofreading course on Udemy. Learning something new opens provides possibilities. You never know when you’ll need that skill.


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