I used to pray for times like “this.”

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Don’t forget that when you get to “this.”

Sometimes when we pray, we ask our God ,or whomever you believe in, to gift us new money, new relationships and new circumstances. However, sometimes when we get to that new money, to that new circumstance, to that new relationship, we still complain because we’re thinking about the next thing we’re going to pray for instead of realizing what lies before us. 

You prayed for that $50,000 a year job, now your complaining because you want to make that per month. You prayed for a healthy relationship with a healthy man but, now you miss your drug-dealing ex’s and you’re complaining that he’s too boring, too safe. You prayed for debt-free life yet, your out spending more money on shoes than you have in your savings.

Do you ever just stop, pause and decide to be grateful for everything you have, for how far you’ve come, for the blessings that rain down daily like good health and a roof over your head? If you can’t be happy with God giving you what you asked for, trust and believe he won’t give you more. 

You’re being greedy. 

You prayed for a new car, now you’ve got one and you want a newer car. You prayed for God to mend your broken heart but, rushed out to get it broken yet again.  You prayed for a new job, now you’ve got it and you’re out complain about wanting another job. 

Stop and be thankful for what is, instead of what could be.

We live in a generation obsessed with abundance. You can live an abundant life by being appreciative and grateful. If you’re not grateful for what God has already gifted you, what’s to stop you from being greedy yet again, after you pray for something else and he gives it to you and you respond by saying, “But, I want more.

Slow down. Thank the powers that be for what you have. Never stop yearning and working for more but, be sure to acknowledge that you are blessed – right here, right now – in this moment. 

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