My Golden Rule: Be what you want to receive.

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“I just wish somebody would treat me right,” says the lost girl.

I reply, “I wish for you to treat yourself right.”

How are you out here demanding what you haven’t yet gifted yourself? Make it make sense, baby. You want him to treat you like a Queen, when you don’t treat yourself like royalty. You want her to treat you like a King, when you don’t even praise yourself. It’s an irrational thought process to so strongly desire what you can’t do for yourself.

If you can’t be nice, courteous, supportive and loving towards yourself, why do you expect somebody else to do that for you? If you can’t earn six figures, why are you demanding that your significant other earns six figures? If you can’t compliment yourself, why are you fishing for and demanding compliments from other people? If you can’t start your business, why does your lover have to be an entrepreneur? If you can’t pray for yourself, never mind, y’all ain’t ready for that one. You allow people to treat you like how you feel about yourself. 

One more time for those in the back. 

You allow people to treat you like how you feel about yourself. 

If you know your a Bentley, you won’t let somebody treat you like a Subaru. 

Moral of the story – be what you want to receive. If you want abundance, you can’t be stingy. If you want growth, you can’t be stifling. If you want happiness, you can’t embody misery. Pick a side and stay on it. Stop complaining about what you “want” when you don’t even gift yourself what you need.

How are you going to be ready to receive what you’re asking for when you haven’t yet experienced it? 

It’s like saying you can handle getting a full tattoo sleeve in one session, when you’ve never had a tattoo. You don’t know the pain, you don’t know your tolerance, you can’t be fully prepared for what you’ve never felt. You think that when love comes you’ll welcome it with open arms but, if you’ve never experienced raw, pure, uncut love – you might overdose or you might reject it all together. You think you want a job with myriad responsibilities and a huge salary but, you couldn’t manage your small salary. You think you want a Ferrari, when you couldn’t handle the Honda? Do you catch my drift?

Be grateful for what is, welcome what may come and cherish everything in between. 

Again, be what you want to receive and the rest will work itself out. 

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