4 Warning Signs that Entrepreneurship Might Be for You!

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The word “entrepreneur” sounds exotic, important, eloquent, however, what lies behind this noun is unparalleled resilience, extreme accountability and a lifetime of pursuits. Entrepreneurship isn’t just a career goal, it’s a lifestyle. It’s bigger than merely not wanting to work for other people. It’s about a devout passion for freedom, creativity and legacy-starting. So, you think it’s time for you to become an entrepreneur, here are some warning signs.  

Sign #1: Take a look at your idols, people you admire – what do they do for a living?

I’m assuming your favorite ikons are entrepreneurs, business titans, stock market investors etc. What is it about them and their lifestyle that you admire? Is it the freedom? Is it the uncapped wealth? Is it their ability to travel? Whatever “it” is, hold onto that and don’t stop until you achieve “it.”

Sign #2: You welcome accountability. 

If you have no desire to be held accountable for your business, for it’s success and or potential shortcomings or failures – entrepreneurship isn’t for you. I take pride in my accountability over my business, my brand, my blog and I welcome everything that comes with it – the good, the bad and the ugly. If this sounds like you, entrepreneurship just might be for you.

Sign #3: You don’t fit the mold.

You don’t fit in society’s cookie-cutter box. You don’t believe in the dated holy trinity of – go to school, get good grades, get a good job. You’ve experience reality as you know it and you realize that what you thought you wanted you no longer do. Now you want freedom, you don’t want to be chained to a desk until your 65 years old. You want to start a legacy. You want to start something, anything, as long as its yours. While kids in grade school were coloring in the lines, you were purposefully coloring outside the lines and calling it “abstract art.” You know that you are one of a kind, you can’t just fall in line with everybody else, you stand out too much. You, my friend, are an entrepreneur in the making.

Sign #4:  You are relentless.

You will never give up. You will never stop trying. You set goals and you achieve them. You fall down and get back up 10 times stronger. You hit a roadblock and you see it as an opportunity for growth and conflict management. You are willing to put the time in. You are willing to bake your journey, not pop it in the microwave. You are committed to building your legacy, to being the chief executive officer of your own destiny. 

If this sounds like you, I am so excited for you. Now, that you’ve pointed out the entrepreneurship warning signs, get busy, get active, get started.

You got this.

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