Honesty Isn’t Disrespectful; It’s Necessary!

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Adults hate the truth so they call it disrespect. I seen this post on somebody’s Instagram story and I couldn’t help but laugh at the accuracy. When someone decides to be honest and guileless with you, it is not the equivalent of them disrespecting you. There’s more disrespect in withholding a truth you need to know than there is in the telling of that truth. 

One more time for those in the back.

There’s more disrespect in withholding a truth you need to know than there is in the telling of that truth. 

When the baby fist full of friends I have call me up and ask me for advice they already know that I’m going to give it to them straight no chaser. I’m not cruel or insensitive but I’m also not the friend that will coddle you through moments of strife or heartbreak or personal breakdowns. 

I will be there for you, always answer the phone for you but I won’t meet you at your ground level and play with you on the swings down there. I’m going to encourage to rise above your current predicament and to do so you’re going to need to hear the raw, unfiltered truths. 

Let’s put this in context. Let’s say I have a friend who’s been in an on and off relationship for a couple of years and his partner keeps cheating on him yet he continues to forgive her. When this friend calls me to ask me what they should do, what do you think my response is going to be? I’ll you about 10 seconds to think about it – my answer is going to be: “It’s time to leave.” Simple.

I am not going to remind him of the highs of that relationship or remind him of the time that he’s put in that he can’t back. I’m going to advise him to reclaim his time and tell the adulterer that he sleeps with every night that it’s time for her to go. Some adults would qualify this honesty as disrespect and state that I’m disrespecting their significant other by referring to her as the cheating sleez she is. I’m not making my friend the object of ridicule by being frank. I could lie to him and tell him to forgive her just one more time or go to counseling but no, it’s time to leave. If I genuinely care about that friend I want them to be with a person that’s honest, selfless and loyal. Therefore, I’m not going to tell them what they want to hear but indeed what they need to hear. 

We’re adults now and believe it or not, you can handle the truth. I tell my Grandma the truth so please don’t think I’m going to spare you and don’t label me as disrespectful because I hurled out truths over lies. Grow up and thank whatever higher power you believe in for those friends that are willing to be honest with you.

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