Inner Wars

“Normalize walking away from people who try to fight their inner war through you.” – @_Pammy_DS_

One more time for those in the back.

Normalize walking away from people who try to fight their inner war through you.

It’s harder to walk away from people that we know are battling hardships and pain, however, when you become the punching bag and the outlet for their frustrations and coping mechanisms – it’s time to walk away. This is not limited to friends and personal relationships but, family as well. Let’s also normalize walking away from family members who try to fight their inner war through you. Some of y’all needed to hear that one, because it seems like a cardinal sin to desert your family for a period of time but, when your family brings you more pain than joy, more problems than solutions, more headaches than relief – you must do what’s best for you.

For example, if you have a brother who’s battling alcohol addiction. Don’t allow him to make you his punching bag physically, mentally or financially. If he’d rather spend money on liquor than bills, that’s his problem – don’t pick up that slack. If he’d rather argue with you about trivial matters than deal with the root cause of his addition – don’t allow that. People do what you allow. People treat you, how you allow them too – be careful what you allow. Don’t take 10 steps forward and then let someone else and their problems take you 22 steps backwards. 

We sometimes feel so obligated to people that we forget in all actuality – we don’t owe anybody anything. This is the only life you get, enjoy it, live it, have fun, be adventurous, don’t merely submerse yourself into the problems of others. We have enough to battle within ourselves. 

Stop showing up to the frontlines of other people’s wars. 

Love yourself more – you are worth it. Be your own solider and help others when you can but, don’t join their army as well. Pray for them, offer advice if you’re feeling froggy but, don’t allow them to drag you into their war-zone especially if you’re in a peace-zone. Nobody is worth the destruction of your peace.


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