Stop Seeking Closure Through Open Doors

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“If you really want closure…At some point, you have to shut the door.” – Jacki Wells Wunderlin

When most relationships end, it’s tough. However, on the other side of those hardships is a rebirth, a new beginning. Some relationships end without closure. We believe that if we receive closure from the relationship that it will make the breakup easier to endure and sometimes I suppose that proves true but in my opinion, closure isn’t about wanting answers about why a relationship ended but more so about wanting to continue communication with a love you can’t imagine living life without. As you keep contacting your past lover about why things have ended you hope that you’ll be simultaneously convincing them to rekindle the love. To be honest, in some cases, this actually works but bear in mind that typically this doesn’t work and you just end up butt-hurt again.

If you’re dead set on leaving the door open, don’t expect any closure.

You feel vacant, disoriented and emotionally paralyzed. But I’m assuming you like the pain. If you’re more focused on this alleged closure than really moving on, you like wallowing in self-pity instead of embracing life without them. If your ex has closed the door and changed the locks stop trying to use your old key.

One more time for those in the back.

If your ex has closed the door and changed the locks stop trying to use your old key.

No one enjoys and or welcomes heartbreak but stop calling it heartbreak, call it heart-restoration; it doesn’t flow off the tongue as easily but it wipes away this ideology of you being “broken” by the loss of this person. You are not broken, your hurt but you don’t have to let it break you. How will you be ready for the person God truly intends for you if you feel broken, less than and undesirable. You are somebodies person and whoever that somebody is, they will fight for you because they are yoked with your soul not just your flesh or your amenities. However, on the other side of that, just because a love fades doesn’t mean it’s a loss or that it wasn’t true, sometimes people grow apart. The key word is “grow” apart not shrink apart. As we get older, ideally, we grow and sometimes we don’t grow in unison with that person. Closure starts with accepting that the door is closed and not rejecting that reality. Stop living in a web of denial because you like it better there.

Closure is closer than you think but you have to be willing to close the door, hell, slam it if you have to.

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4 thoughts on “Stop Seeking Closure Through Open Doors

  1. I agree. I went through some personal stuff a few years ago. It sucks unfortunately. At the moment I am just focusing on my degree and growing my blog.


  2. My friend and confidant.
    As always, thank you.
    You know what I’ve been going through. You’ve told me this many times, but I’m hard headed. I do want you to know that this message is starting to resonate day by day.
    Thank you for sharing 🖤


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