Oh, hey June!

Can you believe we are already half way through the year? What have you accomplished? How do you feel? What have you learned? What are your travel plans? What’s your hustle been like thus far? I hope that 2021 has been good to you, kind to you. Let’s kick off this month with a solid, healthy and personally beneficial challenge!

Refer to the challenge image below and save it as your phones screensaver to keep you on track. You are not required to try and implement all of these suggestions but, it is strongly advised. This challenge will require discipline and lots of positive self-talk but, you can do it! You are overqualified for this challenge and you will succeed.

One more time for those in the back.

You are overqualified for this challenge and you will succeed.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Ps. It’s also Pride Month, be sure to shop my ‘Pride Month’ Kollection on my store KulturallyApppropriate.com.

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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