Have you tried Yoga?

When you think of working out, what comes to mind? Weights? Running? Crunches? What about peace and prosperity? Yoga, is a workout, unique to itself. No, it doesn’t include 100 push ups and 50 burpees but, it’s still a workout, one that gifts you balance, serenity, flexibility, steady breathing and calmness.

One of my favorite YouTube yoga instructors, Arianna Elizabeth, gifts her subscribers awesome yoga videos that vary in purpose and targeting.

They are quick and beginner friendly. Today, I did her ‘10 Minute FULL BODY YOGA’ video. It was a great, positive and relaxing start to my day.

With all the chaos in the world, make it your life’s work to be your own peace and spread it when you can.

Subscribe to Arianna’s YouTube channel here.

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