4 Daily Affirmations to Help Cope with Disappointment!

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In my opinion, disappointment feels worse than anger or sadness.

Disappointment stems from expectation, from expecting better from a person or a situation and in the end getting the complete opposite of what you desired. Coping with disappointment can take days, weeks, months and even years, if you allow it.

Daily affirmations are a consistent way to speak positively and optimistically into the universe.

What you say can manifest itself into your life. If you say, “I am worthless,” that statement can become rooted to your spirit but, if you say, “I am abundant and unapologetically magnificent,” that too can become rooted to your spirit.

These affirmations may not ring true at first, but say them daily and in time, your transformation will begin.

Affirmation #1: I can only control myself.

Understanding that you are only in control of yourself and that you cannot control the actions, attitudes, mentalities etc. of others is the beginning of accepting whatever disappointment you’ve experienced. Without accepting where your control lies, you will continue to feel like you could have done something different to prevent this disappointment and in certain cases, that’s true. For example, if you lost your significant other because you cheated on them, had you controlled yourself better, you wouldn’t have lost the potential love of your life. But, the point is, your actions led to that outcome but, that is not always the case. That is self-induced disappointment and this article does not apply to those suffering from self-induced disappointment, this article is for those that were disappointed by someone or something that was out of their control. 

Affirmation #2: I am enough.

You are more than enough for that man, for that job, for that new house etc. You are enough. You bring you to the table and only you can do that – that’s special! Hema Vyas says, “Our greatest gift to humanity is our individuality.” There will never be another you. You are overflowing in enough-ness, okay, don’t second guess that and when you are feeling low, be sure to gas yourself up, overdose on positivity and self-love.

Affirmation #3: There is beauty in starting over.

Sometimes disappointment stems from the end of something, the end of a relationship, the end of a job, the end of a certain season in your life but, as ugly as the end may seem, there is beauty in the reboot. Starting over is a rebirth not a burden. I used to tell myself, just yesterday really, that I’m tired of starting over but, I’m shifting that mentality of placing such negative heaviness on starting over as if it doesn’t mark the beginning of something new. You get excited when you get a new pair of shoes or a new house yet starting over with a new person or a new job sounds daunting – shift that mentality – ASAP. 

Affirmation # 4: It isn’t what happens, it’s how I react that matters.

Life is going to continue to happen, the good, the bad and the ugly but, what really matters is how you react. We choose how we react to disappointment. I cry. Crying is a release for me, it allows me to let the pain literally pour out of me. Some people workout or run or pray. I pray as well but, to be honest, I cry more in the beginning. I am not afraid to let whatever “it” is hurt. You have to welcome the pain to reach the recovery.

One more time for those in the back. 

You have to welcome the pain to reach the recovery.

Without acknowledging that it hurts, you’re blocking the remedy.

Say these four affirmations daily! Keep yourself busy and engaged, pray about it, take heed to the lesson but, don’t let it destroy the fabric of you because you have worked hard on you.

You got this!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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