Don’t Overplay Your Role

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Don’t overplay your role. What does that mean to you? It’s bigger than giving away wifely or husbandly duties at girlfriend and boyfriend prices. If your energy is not reciprocated, congratulations, you played yourself – that is overplaying your role. It’s not about cooking and cleaning or gift-giving if that energy is reciprocated. It’s about doing the most and in return receiving the least. Would you do more work for the same pay? Would you go above and beyond without a raise in sight? Probably not, but when you’re in a relationship where you are giving more mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Doing six figure work for minimum wage pay. 

One more time for those in the back.

You’re doing six figure work for minimum wage pay.

Why? Why are you willing to give so much just to receive a drop in the bucket? When you’re in the thick of it, sometimes you can’t see that the energy isn’t being matched because the love is clouding your better judgement. Step back. It’s healthy. It’s crucial. You’ve overplayed yourself in hopes that your energy and efforts would be reciprocated but, if that’s not the case, now what? How do you move now? You move accordingly.

You could address the concerns about energy not being matched but should you have to? Some may say, “Yes,” while others might say ,”No.” I’m on the fence, it depends on the dynamics of your relationship and how you communicate. However, in my opinion, a person knows when they’re doing all they can versus when they’re doing all they feel like. Simple. When you go to a restaurant and you order pasta, the full size and they bring you just a scoop of it, would you pay for it? Would you accept it? No, so stop accepting less in your relationships as well. Be sure to get what your paying for, if not, it’s time to try a new restaurant.

You’re welcome. 

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