There’s an art to minding your own business.

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This is the nosiest generation I’ve ever seen. People are unapologetically in other people’s business for no reason other than the fact that they can. I have mastered the art of minding my own business. If it doesn’t directly pertain to me, I don’t care. I am not going to spend a bulk of this life caring about the lives and choices of other people – that’s not my job. I’m not here to play God, I’m here to rock out and be me because everyone else is taken.

Mind your business. 

I don’t know who needed to hear that but, let me state it one more time for those in the back, “Mind your business.” 

Some people get paid to mind the business of others and although that’s not a job I want, I can respect it – get your coins Honey. However, 96.5% of y’all don’t receive any monetary compensation for minding other people’s business. Do you know why? Because it’s not your business. Some people are so enveloped in the lives of others that their not paying attention to their own lives. You’re worried about Cardi B’s daughter having on a diaper but, your child is five years old and can barely string together two sentences. You’re worried about what Meek Mill said in a song lyric but, your bank account is in the negative. You’re trying to keep up with Kardashians but, you can’t keep up with your own man. 

Stop focusing on the lives of others as a distraction from your own reality – that’s really what it boils down to.

One more time for those in the back.

Stop focusing on the lives of others as a distraction from your own reality.

Minding other peoples business is like reading a book. You read books to escape into the novel, into the narrative, into the fantasy and then when you’re done reading, you return back to life as you know it but, the escape becomes somewhat of an adrenaline high. On social media, we are literally referred to as “followers.” All you’re doing is agreeing to follow the lives of other people and that can be a good thing, an inspirational thing, a positive thing. However, on the other side of that spectrum are the pernicious side effects of fully adopting the “follower” mentality. 

Switch gears. Lead this time and while your focusing so heavily on you – you’ll realize that the only business you need to mind is your own. 

Happy self-discovering. 

You got this.

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