You need discipline to achieve greatness.  

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You need discipline to achieve greatness. 

Most people want to achieve greatness. Do you want to be great? If you do, that’s awesome but please note, to get there it’s going to require extreme discipline in a variety of areas. Let’s discuss them.

Personal Discipline

Personal discipline involves your choices, from your line of work to your spouse to your friends to your daily habits. Let’s put a real emphasis on ”daily habits” because what you do daily shapes your potential for greatness. What are your daily habits like? What time do you wake up in the morning? Do you meditate? Do you have a planner? Do you set weekly and monthly goals? All of this requires discipline and a strong desire to achieve your ideal greatness.

Are you in a toxic relationship? Are your friends beneficial or detrimental? These are the questions you need to ask yourself if greatness is your goal. Ask them, answer them and then take any necessary action. If you’re not in a state of personal peace, achievements will fall by the wayside. Be sure to get that in check and soon!

Financial Discipline

This one goes without saying but, let’s talk about it anyway. Financial discipline relies heavily on your ability to decipher your needs versus your wants – they are not one in the same. Using a monthly financial planner or Microsoft Excel budget documents, help you to stay on the straight and narrow. It’s also imperative that you set a monthly budget and are sure not to exceed it. Be very specific, down to the cents if you can, because remember, it’s greatness you are trying to achieve not mediocrity thus precision is key.

Physical Discipline

This one extends beyond simply working out. Including fitness into your daily and weekly habits is essential for greatness because if you look good, you feel good and you perform better. However, it is not limited to. That said, physical discipline could also include going out less, drinking less, eating healthier etc. Your body should be your temple. It’s the vehicle you’re going to use to achieve greatness – be kind to it.

Spiritual Discipline

This last one is optional but, when I am at peace spiritually, a multitude of other things fall into place for me. Consistent prayer, daily affirmations and meditation help me to stay sane. I’d advise trying this out. It certainly couldn’t do any harm.

Okay, are you ready to discipline yourself in these four areas? If so, I’m happy for you.

Now, go be great! You got this!

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