Must Follow Fitness Gurus!

My latest obsession is undoubtedly my b o d y!

It’s a healthy obsession but, it’s an obsession nonetheless. Getting serious about your fitness journey leads to YouTube fitness guru subscribing frenzies and #fitness follows on Instagram but fret not, I’ve got the keys.

Below I’ve listed a couple of fitness gurus that I follow on Instagram for fitness tips, workout ideas and motivation. These women are killing the fitness scene with the impeccable bodies to match and each of their bodies are different but, still beautiful all the same.

Lastly, please note, all the working out in the world won’t matter if your diet is terrible. Eat right, workout often, rest when needed, lots of water, fruits and veggies – you got this!

Thank me later!

Senada Greca @Senada.Greca

Mecca Day @_meccca

GeeGee @geegee_flawless

Kish Burries @kishburries

Chanel Delisser @ChanelDelisser

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