A Jack of All, Master of None 

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What a time to be alive! 

It’s a time of prosperity and depravity, wealth and poverty, technology and social media, happiness and sorrow, day traders and seven-figure affiliate marketers, yacht owners and couch hoppers – similar to any other time I suppose, another generational saga of the haves and the have nots. It’s also a very competitive time to be alive, a time of constant comparisons, “guru’s” of this, that and the third, life coaches and not enough therapists to go around. There’s an immense amount of pressure to not only have it all figured out but to be great at not only one thing but several.

Back in the day, if you were a phenomenal painter, that was good enough. Paint more, sell your paintings and then repeat. Now, you need to be a painter, a social media marketer to market those paintings, a website designer, a Facebook ads manager, a teacher because hey, you mid as well sell painting courses as well, an occasional extrovert for the sake of networking events, an author, because hey, you need to write a book about art too, oh and start a YouTube channel and a TikTok page as well, if your art is pretty solid, you’ll go viral on there for sure and the list goes on.

But fret not, I am here to ease those woes.

You cannot, I repeat cannot, be a jack of many trades and a master of none, well you could but, why would you? This generation is the definition of what it means to spread yourself too thin. You can’t be great at everything. Yeah, I said it, because it’s true – you just can’t and trying to play God is not only impractical but imprudent. Let’s be honest being great at stocks and being an anthropologist and being a psychologist and an astronomer sounds pretty fantastic but, it’s certainly not realistic. Everybody has their strengths. Life is about honing those strengths instead of picking a new potential strength every other month.

For example, if you’re real estate agent, social media is now your friend but, maybe you’re just good at showing the house, closing the deal and sorting the paperwork – that’s phenomenal. But, let’s say social media, websites, online advertisements etc. are not your strength – hire someone! Do you know what happens when you attempt to juggle it all instead of sharing the responsibility with another person who has a strength in the area you need – temporary and or permanent insanity. There’s nothing wrong with learning about social media but attempting to master it will take away from your real estate efforts thus decreasing the amount of homes you sell and in turn potentially ruining your business instead of growing it. We see this time and time again. However, on the other hand there is nothing wrong with learning skills that align with what you have already mastered or are attempting to master.

But, let’s say you run an e-commerce store, it would be wise for you to learn how to run social media ads because mastering both, will in turn not only make your business profitable but, you could teach it to others as well or create a side business running ads for other businesses thus creating another stream of income, one that is still initially tied to your original skill of owning an e-commerce brand. I hope that makes sense. It doesn’t mean you can’t try new things but don’t try to master everything because you’ll only end up as a jack of many, a master of none.

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