#DecemberChallenge: End of the Year Hustle! 

December is that you playa? Wow, I can’t believe the year is almost at its end but, I’m extremely proud of myself and you should be to. Now is the time to reflect on the goals you set at the top of the year. Did you achieve them? Did you exceed them? Did you fall short? Did you set any goals at all? If not that’s okay, by the end of this challenge you’ll have set your end of year goals and your 2022 goals. Let’s get started!

Challenge #1: Crush your 2021 goals!

You have 31 days left to achieve whatever goals are left on your 2021 list. Don’t fret, that’s plenty of time but, it’s about what you do with those days. It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday season, binge watching your favorite Christmas movies and doing some shopping. You can do all of that but, if there are goals on your list that matter more to you than decades old Christmas movies and holiday shopping, I’d advise putting more effort into knocking out those goals. Segment your time accordingly and get busy. However, leave room for error. You may not crush all of your 2021 goals and that’s okay. Tell yourself that it’s okay. As cliché as it sounds, doing your best is still enough. You are enough.

Challenge #2: Set your 2022 goals!

Make a list of goals for 2022! Categorize your goals by the following (optional): 

  • Financial goals
  • Spiritual goals
  • Body/Fitness goals 
  • Creative goals
  • Personal goals
  • Skills goals

Each year, in my opinion, your goals should fall into the aforementioned categories. Be organized and intentional about the goals you set, the goal is to check them off one by one. Be deliberate, be bold and dream big – it’s all possible!

Challenge #3: Feelings check!

How are you feeling about this year? Are you feeling proud, accomplished or tired and unmotivated? Whatever you are feeling, acknowledge it and let it fuel you. Reflect on this year. Journal about it. Take notes on it. Personally, I am proud of myself but, I wasn’t the goal-crusher this year that I thought I’d be. I hit some of my goals, exceeded some of them in fact but, others I didn’t even come close to – that’s okay. Next year I go harder – simple. Don’t over complicate it. 

Challenge #4: New skills, new you!

You don’t know what you don’t know. Set some skills goals and start working on them this month. Rather you want to learn how to day trade or how to be a social media marketer, whatever the skill – start learning! It takes time to learn and hone a skill. It won’t happen over night so the earlier you start – the better – and remember that skills are lucrative. 

The more skillful you are, the more profitable you are.

(Online learning academies like Udemy and Coursera are great affordable places to start learning new skills and of course don’t forget the king of online learning – YouTube!)

Challenge #5: What did 2021 teach you?

Don’t skip over what you learned. Set new goals but don’t forget to reflect on the lessons of 2021 – it’s essential. Progress requires reflection. It also requires positive self talk, be kind to yourself. 2022 put your foot on they necks, you hear me? 

You got this!!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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