Don’t let someone save you for later. 

One more time for those in the back!

Don’t let someone save you for later.

There’s a huge difference between patience and ignorance. Being patient with a person, means that you accept that they’re a work in progress and you’re willing to give them some time to evolve, transform and grow. The key word is some time, not all the time in the world. Ignorance is knowing that a person doesn’t plan on changing, any time soon, and staying with them anyways in hopes that they will. *Aht aht!* Don’t do that! Don’t attach yourself to a person’s potential to be the one for you – accept the reality of who they are now. The only thing we can control is the “now.” 

Some of us are attached to the idea of someone, these fantasies that you play with in your mind. The future of it all, the potential children, success and house on the hill – that’s cute but, it’s not realistic. What’s happening right now? How do you feel right now? How are you being treated right now? Do you share the same relationship goals? Is it even a relationship or is it just relations? (I’m not judging you – I’ve done both.) 

Either way, anytime you fall in love or lust with someone’s potential versus their reality, you are letting them save you for later. You’ve already indicated that you’re a “ride or die” and you aren’t going anywhere so, what’s the incentive for them to change? There isn’t one. Why would they need to change, if they can keep you by remaining the same?

One more time for those in the back.

Why would they need to change, if they can keep you by remaining the same?

All the time you’ve wasted on them, you could’ve spent with someone who wants you right now, instead of allowing someone to save you for later like a piece of chocolate cake on cheat day. People that want you right now, will make the changes right now! They won’t make excuses, they won’t stay stuck in their ways, they won’t say, ”I am the way I am,” etc. They will make moves expeditiously because they don’t want to lose you. Know your worth and move accordingly.

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