Muni Long x August Alsina “Hrs and Hrs”

This record floods our Instagram timelines and TikTok feeds, it’s that stunningly written, impeccably executed, stuck-in-your-head lovers anthem that apparently just keeps on getting better. “Hrs and Hrs” surfaced on Muni Long’s latest release Public Displays of Affection and has since skyrocketed on the Apple Music charts. The original records’ video recently surpassed one million views on Youtube amid receiving cosigns from the likes of Halle Berry, Niecy Nash, Lil Durk and more. Now she gifts us yet another version of this hit to fall in love with.

They teased this release and now it’s finally here. Muni calls on August Alsina for this organismic and climactic rendition as both artists vocally melt into one another. As if this record didn’t already overdose on vibes, now we’re all completely sonically intoxicated, stumbling and tripping over the quality and aura of this tune – simply unmatched.

August Alsina sings:

Wish the day was more than 24 hours
With every extra minute girl, I would be lost in it
Kissing you all over, every inch, I won’t stop until your moaning
More, more, oh more hours, more of me letting you climb this tower

In other words, it’s a must listen; indulge above.

Listen to her latest project below!

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