Women in Hip-Hop Spotlight: Lola Brooke, Lady London, Omeretta, Che Noir & More!

It’s 2022 and if you haven’t already put some respect on the names of females in hip-hop – it’s about time that you do!

We’ve bypassed the era of finding talented on the street corners in Yonkers but the hunger and aptitude for lyricism still oozes from New York boroughs and hoods worldwide. These impeccable lyricists featured today are setting the bar high, gifting us substance over vacant, hollow bars and gifting us gritty, head-bobbing flows over shallow wordplay.

Indulge in the line up below and add some new female talent to your playlists. Each one of these emcees delivers nothing but heat providing us with lyrical narratives, punchlines and necessary aggression.

Take a listen below.

Ladies Cypher: Lola Brooke, K Goddess, London Hill, Connie Diiamond, Billy B, Pretty Dij & Big Zen

Lisa’s Story (feat. Dub Aura) – Lady London [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Omeretta The Great – SORRY FOR THE WAIT

Che Noir Food for Thought

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