Ella Mai Resurfaces with New Single “DFMU” + Official Visual

“The sophomore era has arrived.” – Ella Mai

Today, the “Boo’d Up“, Grammy winning songstress delivers her first single in almost two years with “DFMU (Don’t F*** Me Up)”. Following her 2020 release “Not Another Love Song“, this latest track bathes in expected relatable lyricism as she tells a tale of vulnerability and apprehension over a new love interest.

Ella Mai sings:
Don’t f*** me up, don’t let me down
You know I wanna be around
You tuggin’ war with my heart
Didn’t think it’d evеr be so hard
Crazy I’m lettin’ down my guard

“This song in this process was very, very hard for me because it was like my life in real time,” Ella Mai told Apple music. “So it was almost a therapy session when I was in the session. But I think that’s the best way. All the people that I grew up listening to are always very, very honest. And I’ve always just appreciated honesty. I think it’s the best way I think that people can relate to you also so…I was having a very honest conversation with Prince Charlez who I wrote the song with about what I was going through at that point. And it just was basically a conversation, and it just came together that way. And I think those are the best songs because storytelling is just conversation really.” 

The visual depicts Ella’s lyrical narrative gifting us potent imagery and emotive flashbacks; indulge below.

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