The Importance of Setting Monthly Goals

January finally decided to end. How was your first month of 2022? Did you accomplish some goals? Did you relax? Did you learn something new? Did you workout? (Remember, summer bodies are built in the winter!)

I’ve had a glorious start to the new year because I designed it that way. I set goals for January. Goals that were intended to kick my new year off on the right foot and so I did. However, if you were unable to do so – no pressure, there’s still 11 months left Love – don’t fret! Setting yearly goals is imperative but it doesn’t necessarily keep you on track for the month to month swing of things.

What you do each month sets the tone for the year. I like achievement. I like writing down my goals and checking things off. It’s therapeutic for me.

I’m a goal-crusher! Are you?

Remember the ”why” behind your goals. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, you’ll lack the fervor and desire for the completion of those goals. My month to month goals keep me on track for my overarching annual goals. For example, if your goal is to save $10,000 this year, you won’t save that amount in its entirety in December but you’ll put a little money aside each month, at least $833.33, if we’re counting, to hit that five-figure mark. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Give yourself grace.

One more time for those in the back.

Give yourself grace.

Stop looking at life as a complete masterpiece, pay attention to the brush strokes. Be kind to yourself. You don’t have to do it all at once but in well thought out and calculated increments. 2022 smells like new money, new opportunities and a new attitude, now go get it!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary, please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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