Jazmine Sullivan Releases `Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe` – Stream Now!

Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales, Holiday Inn!

Jazmine Sullivan’s Grammy nominated album, Heaux Tales, gets supersized – adding on 10 new tracks amid featuring an Issa Rae narrative laced in audacious storytelling. It’s that stunningly executed, dauntless, soul-convulsing deluxe addition of an album we already fell in love with once.

With her Heaux Tales tour set to kick off on Monday, it’s perfect timing. She matched the energy of the albums’ original records and just added on to its’ excellence with every harmony and climactic vocal explosion she pulls you further in. Clearly Sullivan is a master lyrical author. This album boasts with lessons learned, indecisiveness, confidence and intrepidly seductive inclinations – it’s pure butter, smooth and necessary.

Indulge above.

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