Stop Viewing Every Obstacle as a Problem.

Do you have that friend or family member in your life that views everything as a problem? It’s raining outside – problem. My check was shorter than I expected – problem. Every-single-time-I-turn-around-it’s-something, kind of mentality – problem. No matter what happens to them in life they only see the obstacle and not the opportunity. That’s a terrible and miserable way to exist.

The problem with viewing everything as a problem is that you’re simply inviting in more problems.

You get from the Universe what you put into it thus rather something good or bad happens to you, you’ll find a way to see the negative first and that then clouds the potential for seeing the sunshine through the rain. It raining from outside of your living room is better than it raining from outside of your prison cell. Your check being short is better than it being non-existent. You turning around and seeing nothing but problems is a perception issue, one that if left unacknowledged can ruin the very fabric of your ideology around happiness and progression.

You are gifted opportunities in life to help test your buoyancy – will you float or drown? Will you rise above your adversities or be buried in them? Will you stand up or take it lying down?

Life is hard. I’m not sure who told you it wouldn’t be but once you get your legs in it, it’s all about how you walk through it. Walk through it with positivity. Walk through it with pride and a sense of joy. View obstacles as opportunities for growth and achievement. Have your idols faced adversity or was it smooth sailing for them? I can guarantee you that it wasn’t. If you prefer the outcome over the process, it will be nearly impossible for you to conquer this life or any other.

One more time for those in the back.

If you prefer the outcome over the process, it will be nearly impossible for you to conquer this life or any other.

If you only want the cooked meal but not the kitchen life will be tough for you, unbearable even. Shift your perspective, choose your circle wisely, pray about it more than you talk about it (optional) and know that life can get better or it can get worse – the choice is yours.

You got this.

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