You Attract What You Are Ready For 

Are you ready for what you are asking and praying for? Do you truly have the space? I’m not asking about your physical space but your emotional, mental and spiritual space. You might have the physical and financial space for a child in your five bedroom home but do you have the emotional, mental and spiritual space? You might desire that higher paying job but if you can’t handle less, don’t think you can handle abundance and overflow. You might want that new relationship but have you healed from your last one? When you ask for something new, factor in all that comes with that new thing. If you’re only intrigued by the outcome and not the journey, you’ll miss the substance of your blessings. 

One more time for those in the back.

If you’re only intrigued by the outcome and not the journey, you’ll miss the substance of your blessings.

I asked God for more when I wasn’t properly handling what I already had. Would you let a person that couldn’t properly watch their own kids, watch yours? Would you let a mechanic who couldn’t change your brakes correctly, fix your engine? Think about what you’re asking for. Can you truly handle it or do you merely want it because you think it will fill some void within you?

You want a new job because your old one makes you feel unfulfilled but have you tried everything you can to get something out of a job that you believe offers you nothing? Do you sign up for new projects? Have you exceeded expectations in your current role? That one is important because if you’re not excelling in your current role, do know that you more than likely will not be promoted to another.

Sometimes we’re asking for promotions when we haven’t fully conquered our current roles.

You want more kids but that first one still needs your attention. You want more money but you have no budgeting plan or desire to increase your streams of income. You want that goal body but you’re constantly in the Chick-Fil-A line (I’m guilty of this myself). However, I’m aware that my diet can hinder my physical progression. Are you aware of whats hindering you from moving to the next level – it’s your current level – you’re not done there yet. You are not attracting new opportunities because you’re not yet ready. What do you need to do to get ready? Make a list and work on it – today, not tomorrow!

You got this!

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