I Moved Back to Atlanta!

Guess what? I moved back to Atlanta this past Saturday and what a feeling! I feel blessed, excited, nervous, anxious, successful and motivated. I lived in Atlanta before from 2015 to 2019. Those were tumultuous, eventful and struggle-filled times but they helped shape who I am today – now I’m back and better than ever. It’s been three years and I spent that time, while in Philly, resetting and learning to love myself unconditionally. 

Self-love can propel you to heights you never fathomed and as I soar higher and higher I know that it’s due to my self-awareness, my faith , my work ethic and my consistency. 

When you marry all of that , place it in a five foot and three quarters tall frame, slap some fresh blonde on her, a new set and let it marinate – it’s straight perfection or damn near. I’m extremely proud of myself. I am fully self-sufficient, blessed, humble, hungry and talented. I’m not being supercilious here but, let me talk my talk – I earned it!

If you’re contemplating a move, a career shift, a monumental life changing decision etc. – just go after it and let the stones fall where they may. What’s the worse that could happen? Your family is a flight away, opportunity is near and a lesson is inevitable. You’re capable and there will never be a perfect time only right now, so what are you going to do?

You know what you need to do, now get active!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary, please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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