Ashilee Ashilee Drops Off Three New Tracks: “Karma,” “Over it” and “Bazooka”

Ashilee Ashilee, the Atlanta based producer, award winning film score composer, instrumentalist, engineer, songwriter and artist surprises fans and drops off a three-pack including the highly requested new single “Karma” alongside two other singles “Over it” and “Bazooka.”

This quality and unorthodox approach to music gifts her the innate ability to stand out from the crowd. She doesn’t sound like anyone but Ashilee. With over a decade of experience in the creation of music, it shines through in her artistry.

The self produced fan-favorite, “Karma,” listens with cryptic, dense, climactic production while Ashilee tells a tale of resilience, unmatched work ethic, confidence and beautiful karma as she expertly switches her flows, shifting faultlessly from one melody to the next, flexing her sonic dexterity.

Over it” and “Bazooka” are drenched in that same inarguable quality but each one provides a different vibe. “Over it,” on the surface, appears to be a record that details a fed-up Ashilee, which rings true, but she also zeroes in on the current state of our generation, the superficiality, crooked motives and the discernment one must possess to survive. “Bazooka,” produced by Higgy, although still lyrically potent, is definitely a fun, experimental, head-bobbing track that revels in her personality and versatility.

Overall, these tracks are a necessary and impressive addition to her budding catalog; indulge below.

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