Muni Long Releases New Hit Single “Another”

Muni Long is more than an overnight “Hrs and Hrs” viral sensation, with over a decade in the game she’s a seasoned Grammy-nominated songwriter and an impeccable artist. Featured back in 2018, when she went under her birth name of Priscilla Renea, I’ve been following her talent for quite some time now. She’s clearly rebuilt her solo career under the new moniker, Muni Long, but she’s never compromised quality or substance within her music, staying true to the art.

This latest arrival “Another” will be featured on her Public Displays of Affection Deluxe album dropping via Def Jam Recordings/Supergiant Records. Lyrically this track tells a tale of raised standards amid an end to all settling as she brazenly sings:

What one n**** won’t do, another n**** gon’ do
I’m putting you on notice
Another n**** done bought me roses
You wasn’t focused

It’s an anthem for the fed up and liberated, a record dedicated to those that aren’t afraid to put a little fire under their partners because truth is, what one person won’t do, another will gladly do. She also released the records accompanying visual as well, a steamy, yet vexed display, be sure to indulge above.

Muni Long reflects, “For me to be on this world stage, like this is so huge. I’m excited for little girls who look like me, where I’m from to see me doing this and to believe that they can do it too.”

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