Do You Need Anything?

How often do people check on you? Friends, family, co-workers, significant other etc.? How often? Once a week, once a month, almost never? The frequency in which people check on you is a direct indication of their level of concern for your well-being.

One more time for those in the back.

The frequency in which people check on you is a direct indication of their level of concern for your well-being.

It’s simple – people that don’t check on you either don’t care how you’re doing or they are so enveloped in their own woes and day-to-day life that they don’t have the bandwidth to take you on. That latter portion is important to note. Sometimes people are in a state of spiritual, emotional and mental warfare without the proper armor however, I’m not talking about those people but, do take them into consideration. I’m referring to the people that have the bandwidth but still choose not to check on you but they might invite you out to the club or ask you for some money or sex or time etc. Some “friends” and “family members” will call you frequently to vent for hours on end about their problems without once asking about yours or asking if you have enough mental storage space to play therapist for them.

Do you have enough mental storage space?

Don’t be overly selfless – are they doing that for you? My best guess is – no. Those four simple words, “Do you need anything,” when brought together to form a question can mean so much. Most of you will probably answer, “No,” but the fact that they asked, will move you. It might even put a smile on your face and you deserve that. You deserve people who care about you on a level deeper than what you can do for them alone. People that assume, “Hey, if there’s something wrong with them, they will tell me,” is a rather perfunctory and ineffective approach to actively checking on people. Although it may be true, to an extent, it’s still best to ask people how they are doing and if they need anything instead of waiting on them to divulge that information.

Make a list of the people that consistently check on you. If it’s a short list, it might be time for some new friends, some new lovers, some new connections. New is good – remember that.

You got this!

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