Never Lose Your Inner Child 

Adulthood is the worst ‘hood I’ve ever been to. It lacks a certain freedom and awesomeness that childhood provided; if only we knew that back then, right? But, it’s not all bad.

Back in the day, I wanted to be “grown” so bad. I walked around in my mom’s high heels with one of her oversized Coach bags, big hoop earring and lipgloss popping to the Gods. I thought that was what adulthood was all about. I never fathomed that it was truly about responsibility, bills, self-discovery, children, family, careers, expectations and the list goes on. Truth be told, most parents don’t explain the reality of adulthood, they just tell you that they don’t have McDonald’s money and to turn the light off in the bathroom if no one’s in there. I guess deep down we all knew that we would need money to succeed as an adult but most of us didn’t think it would be this expensive or that we’d struggle to get the funds.

Adulthood is financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically expensive.

Although that’s true enough, do you know how you can add some youth into all this adulting? It’s simple, never lose your inner child. Read books that you loved from your childhood, keep watching cartoons, jump rope and play video games. Take yourself to the park, swing as high as you can on the swings and then jump off (if your knees are still in good condition). Eat fruit snacks, Gushers and cereal, on occasion. Drink Huggies and juice boxes. Listen to your favorite music from back then. Yes, you must pay your bills, make a living, pay taxes etc., but don’t allow only the mundane aspects of adulthood to consume you. You can also travel without permission, do what you want and turn your dreams into a reality. You should have Mc’Donald’s money by now and you can live life on your own terms. It comes with vast responsibility but that’s not all – that’s just one side.

I’m a big kid at heart because I won’t allow adulthood to devour what makes me happy. Some of my happiest moments are when I’m doing something childish like swinging on the swings or watching Courage the Cowardly Dog reruns. Life is nothing without laughter and joy.

Remember, you don’t have to kill your inner child just because you pay rent.

You got this!

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