Let Go or Be Dragged!

What or who are you holding onto that you need to let go of?

One more time for those in the back.

What or who are you holding onto that you need to let go of?

Let it go! But, how? Truth is, when you’re truly fed up, tired, drained and in some cases, physically, mentally and emotionally unrecognizable, you will let go. However, I want to detail how to let go prior to arriving at your breaking point. Just take these four steps:

Step 1: Acknowledgement.

You need to acknowledge that there is something or someone that you need to let go of. Don’t make an excuse for why you should hold onto them. Trust your intuition and that gut feeling. You know that it’s time to leave and release but your grip is so tight because your faith in it working out is stronger than the reality. Focus on the reality.

Step 2: Self-worth evaluation.

Do you believe that you are worthy of happiness, of healthy relationships, of more smiles than frowns? Do you genuinely believe that? If so, you must release anything or anyone that makes you question your worth or makes you feel worthless. When you know your worth, you move different and you don’t accept less than what you know you deserve. If you’re currently accepting less, it’s because you are not fully cognizant of the fact that you do deserve better. Read that again.

I’m worth the best of everything and you are too – act like it!

Step 3: Take action.

Now it’s time to go! It’s time to set yourself free. Stop talking about it and just do it – simple! Don’t complicate it because you know what you need to do and happiness is on the other side of this internal war. It will take time but it will be worth it or you could stay where you are and continue wishing that you were strong enough to take action – the choice is yours.

Step 4: Acceptance.

This step is key and you cannot skip it. You must accept not only that you let it go but that it was necessary. Acceptance may come in a variety of forms but true acceptance is acknowledging that you smiled before them and you’ll smile after.

You got this!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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