YG Stops By A Colors Show to Deliver a Live Performance of his New Single “Toxic”

Have you ever seen A Colors Show? If not, the time is now.

We subsist in a generation brimming over with vibrant artists that go against the grain and some of those that pay homage to the greats before them. YG’s Mary J. Blige 1994 hit “Be Happy” sampled track “Toxic” glimmers with a new age feel alongside a nostalgic aura gifting it an old-classic vibe already.

Dripping in expected red banana garb, the Compton bred spitter delivers a swaggy, head-bobbing performance while faultlessly embodying the cool, calm yet fervent demeanor of this track. As we await his highly anticipated sixth studio album Pray for Me, we can jam to his latest bop – an undeniable banger.

Indulge in his Colors Show above.

Check out the “Toxic” official visual below.

More Colors Shows below.

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