The Chaos of Chronic Expectations

The word “chronic” is defined as (of a problem) long-lasting and difficult to eradicate.

Some of us have placed long-lasting expectations on our lives, our relationships, our finances etc. and when we don’t live up to those self-gifted expectations we suffer from a sickness of the mind, if you will, and I label this illness – Chronic Expectations. How many of you are suffering from this and why? When you set such rigorous expectations for yourself, you don’t leave way for the serendipity of God or the Universe.

You need to be married by 30. You want two kids, a boy and a girl, and a dog. You want to make six figures. You need to be a self-made entrepreneur by 35 and retire by 40. You need the perfect body. You need a bigger house. You want a BBL but you’re only 21 years old – give your body time to develop and some on and so forth.

Hold yourself to a high standard, of course, but when you fall short, feeling less than and participating in negative self-talk will not alter the outcome. Everything isn’t meant for you.

One more time for those in the back.

Everything isn’t meant for you.

You live in a constant state of chaos, bathing daily in your impractical expectations. Certain outcomes you can control but others you cannot. Chronic Expectations are linked to severe control issues. You want control so bad that you believe that you’re the God of your life but I’m afraid you are not, in my opinion, of course. Set goals and dreams but leave room for error, for alternative routes, for achievement and for failure. Shift your perspective. Instead of stating that you need a bigger house, be grateful for your current home and work towards your dream home but don’t beat yourself up in the interim.

Graciousness is rewarded; greed is uncompensated – remember that.

You got this!

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