You Can’t Do It All – Pick Something!

The word “can’t” typically reeks of pessimism and extinguished possibilities but, in this case, its’ imbued with positivity and relief. The daunting pressure to master everything, to try everything, to make a profit from everything – leaves a stain of mediocrity. Being good at everything isn’t as notable as being great at one or two things.

I recently attended a conference that lacked a theme. There were several speakers from myriad fields but it was missing a certain cohesiveness and as a consumer it left me feeling overwhelmed instead of inspired. Truth is, if you put in the proper work – you can become great at anything but what are your passions? What do you want to master?

We live in an era of online courses and YouTube. Anything you want to learn, you can and you don’t need to step foot into a college classroom to do it. However, it’s this instant accessibility that’s crippling us. You now want to invest in real estate, learn how to day trade, open an e-commerce store, create an online course, do lashes and sell bundles – all at the same damn time. This is not only impractical but virtually impossible as well, in my opinion, of course.

The average millionaire has seven streams of income but that doesn’t mean that each stream can’t flow from the same or similar source. For example, if you are a social media influencer, you could get paid to post, sell an online course about influencing, create a profitable YouTube channel, get booked for events and acquire brand deals all from that one social media source.

You need three hobbies: one that makes you money, one that keeps you creative and one that keeps you healthy.

In this life, I believe, you can master a couple of things but not 30. Don’t submerge your goals into an ocean of uncertainty and half-ass attempts. Allow some things to pique your interest but, not every five minutes. Try new ventures, however, giving it a healthy try and desiring full mastery of that thing is different. You only live once so find the themes in your interests and go from there.

You got this.

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