Confidence Over Haughtiness

Confidence is key but sometimes its’ misguided. 

One more time for those in the back.

Confidence is key but sometimes its’ misguided. 

Without confidence, success becomes harder to achieve. However, too much confidence borderlines on superciliousness and that excessive self-assurance can blind your reality. Some people can be so confident that they’re deaf to the sounds of their own inadequacies.

We see this a lot in music and entertainment. For example, a singer can have all the confidence in the world but that doesn’t make them a great vocalist. Furthermore, if the company they keep lacks the willingness to be brutally honest, that lack of frankness only furthers the delusion.

Being honest is not the same as being imprudent and typically people only perceive your honesty as rudeness when they don’t like your answer and that’s not your problem.

Some days, I am more confident than others but never arrogantly so, in my opinion. I believe that humility is vital and much more can be achieved through humbleness than pomposity. Never be so confident that you’re unrealistic. That doesn’t mean think small, it means think realistically and it becomes easier to think in this manner when you surround yourself by people that aren’t afraid to keep it real with you.

Being overly confident is typically linked to devout self-doubt. Some people believe in the “fake-it-until-you-make-it” mantra a bit too deeply. Faking confidence is okay when you’re in a floor-length gown and 6 inch heels but you’re a tomgirl at heart. However, it’s not okay to protrude confidence at an event so that others can feel as if they are beneath you – they aren’t. Spread kindness and remain confident but not at the expense of others. Don’t build your confidence on the backs of half-hearted compliments and a superior demeanor, build it from your trials and tribulations, your highs and lows, your journey, your peace and your inner-work.

In closing, as a wise man once said, “B****, be humble.”

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