Let Me Remove Myself

If your absence doesn’t matter, neither does your presence.

One more time for those in the back.

If your absence doesn’t matter, neither does your presence.

If someone doesn’t feel your absence, don’t gift them your presence. Everyone wants to be cared about but sometimes you’re seeking care and affection from someone that could go with or without you. You think that you’re reprimanding them by removing yourself from their life for a certain amount of time and trust me, most times – you’re not. If someone wants you, they wouldn’t put themselves in a position where they could lose you. If they did, your absence won’t effect them but your return will. It will show them that they can do you wrong, you’ll get mad, leave for a while and then come back thinking that you taught them a valuable lesson – wrong.

You can’t teach a valuable lesson to someone who doesn’t value you.

There are people that I’ve met that I could go the rest of my life not seeing again because they added no value to my life. You may be a person who adds value but if you’re attempting to add it to someone who doesn’t want that extra value, they’ll see you as useless, replaceable and typically a nuisance. People who add value usually require more from the people in their lives. In most cases, you are requiring more from a person that’s content with the bare minimum – that’s not your person.

You want the best for them while they’re perfectly fine with two and three star dining. Let them go and don’t do so in hopes of your loss impacting them because it won’t. Your absence effects them just as much as your presence and that shouldn’t be the case.

I know, it hurts a little but you’d rather be an integral part of someone’s life than an optional one.

You got this!

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