Hello November: Try These 7 Steps to Prepare for an Epic 2023

Wow! There are only two months left in 2022. This year certainly flew by but what a time it is to be alive. I hope you’re cherishing your time here and smiling more than you frown but anywho, let’s make the best out of the rest of this year.

Do these 7 things during this month and the next to prepare for an epic 2023!

1. Read more.

The more you read, the better. What books have you read lately? Reading is not only fundamental but therapeutic, uplifting and informative. Great minds read and explore the minds of others. Don’t tell yourself that you don’t like to read, that it’s boring and uneventful. You know what’s uneventful – being in the same place next year because you refused to invest in your knowledge this year – do better.

2. Educate yourself. 

Take courses from affordable sites like Udemy. Subscribe to Youtube channels from creators in your niche. Read more than you watch television. Get a mentor. Attend networking events. Travel more. Learn a new language. Invest in you – that’s who you’re going to spend the rest of this life with. Learn and experience all you can.

3. De-phone 

This one’s a bit difficult. Separating yourself from your phone, in my opinion, is a necessity. If you make money off your phone ie day-trading, social media etc. that’s fine but don’t spend more time than necessary. Set a timer if you have to but your screen-time should not be eight and nine hours. I say, try to keep your screen-time to four hours or less, ideally less. Four hours is already a lot of time spent, in most cases, on a device that doesn’t increase your wealth or knowledge.

4. Workout 

Get your a** in the gym! It’s simple. Summer bodies are built in the winter – get active.

5. Increase your savings.

A recession is on the rise and partly here. It’s the holiday season and that tends to induce splurge-syndrome but reel it back in. The people that love you will understand you gifting them something small or just your time, if that’s all you can spare. It’s okay. A healthy savings will decrease your stress and allow you to focus on your goals for the upcoming year without worrying about paying rent or getting groceries.

6. Meditate 

Internal peace is essential to personal, spiritual, emotional and financial growth. Don’t stifle your increase by neglecting the inner-work required for that outer-glow. I use the app Insight Timer for my daily guided meditations.

7. Rest don’t rush. 

There are two months left in the year. You could try to cram the goals you didn’t already achieve this year into these last two months, but I wouldn’t advise it. Work on them and if they are not completed allow them to roll over into the next year – it’s okay. Reflect on your wins, not just what you have yet to accomplish. Rest your mind and body. Sleep when necessary and be proactive when necessary. You did great this year and you’ll do even better next year!

You got this!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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