What’s My Superpower: Tenacity

That’s my superpower, I never give up!

In my youth, I was forced to grow up because real life events occurred that shattered the fantasy land that youth requires. Now, I knew that criminals, jail, pain, divorce and anxiety are all real. They aren’t reserved for motion pictures and hood classics. That’s my story and although I wish things panned out differently, they didn’t. Whatever am I to do now? Cry? Wallow in self-pity? Remain stagnant? Blame my present on my past and my less than posh upbringing – I think not. And that is my superpower. 

I could’ve given up years ago, when life really got tough, when the money and the hope ran out but I didn’t and look at me now. I’m successful, creative, bold, beautiful, to some, and I’m happy. It’s the happiness that surprises me everyday. I grew up in misery. Happiness was reserved for random moments of laughter or a Jim Carrey flick. Humor was nestled in the pain of family jokes and forced Sunday church outings. I despised who I once was and masked it with arrogance and supercilious jabs at those I desired to be like. 

Plenty of nights I cried myself to sleep and wished for a better tomorrow but I never gave up on me. If I had, where would I be now? In some dead-end relationship or menial job allowing the monotony of the days to somehow make me feel like I’m better off than I once was – merely getting by amid not striving for a higher version of myself? 

No. No. No.

My high school guidance counselor once told me, “Jia, you’re special, there’s just something about you.” 

His name was Mr. Faulkner and funny enough, he uttered those words after I was about to get suspended for fighting a girl in the hallway and hitting her with my school-gifted laptop but he still seen my potential and if he could see it on my worst day, I should be able to see it as well – right? 

His words stuck with me and my God-gifted talents propelled me through those dark days and even darker nights. I know I’m special and destined for nothing but greatness.

I don’t prefer the moniker Miss Ikonic for nothing. 

So now what? How does this help you? Maybe it doesn’t. But my best advice is to go be ikonic and remember that giving up is always an option but that road will only lead to disappointment and you deserve a full, abundant and happy life – go get it! Fly high!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary, please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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