Don’t Be Afraid to Shift Your Interests!

One of my superpowers is my fearless ability to change my interests amid simultaneously giving zero f***’s about who likes it and who doesn’t. To my knowledge, we only live once, so if one year I’m interested in real estate and the next year I’m interested in fitness – that’s my business. Some of you are stuck in dead-end jobs and lackluster side-hustles because you’re too focused on what people might think of you if you shift your interests.

Are you willing to be miserable at the expense of other people’s opinions?

One more time for those in the back?

Are you willing to be miserable at the expense of other people’s opinions?

Let me guess, your answer is, “No way, nope – not me, IDGAF!” But really think about that question. Are you living for you or for the approval of others? It’s okay to change your interests. I am nothing like I was in high school which is why I find it completely ludicrous that we are expected to pick our life careers at the age of 18. By the time I graduated college, I had zero interest in my major. I’m not even the same me from last year let alone 10 years ago but, I digress.

In this life, I’ve wanted to be a real estate agent, a psychologist, a network marketer, a social media growth specialist, a website developer and much more but I’ve settled on entrepreneur, writer and fitness enthusiast and I mean “settled” in a narrowed-down-the-list-through-trial-and-error kind of way. And who knows, I might shift my interests again and so what?

What haven’t you tried yet? What’s stopping you? The only time we have is now. Stop saying you’ll do it next month or next year. Just start now! It’s okay that you are no longer interested in engineering and now you want to be an artist. It’s okay that you are no longer interested in construction and now you want to start your own Facebook ads agency? It’s okay that your music career didn’t work out and now you want to open your own restaurant – it’s okay and it’s okay to be unsure but if you don’t try new things, you’ll never be certain.

You got this!

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